IT solution for your startup
in one month

We are the team to build software for your idea

Successful startups are about customers, not products

Product focused way

  • You have an idea of what people need
  • Lots of features are implemented
  • Development takes a lot of time and money
  • Product is not needed by customers
  • Startup fails

Customer focused way

  • Prototype is created in one month
  • Your product faces real people
  • Business idea changes with newerly gathered feedback
  • Customer needed features are added to the product
  • Startup grows to successful company

Team of professionals

Castor Digital is the best choice for you:


Agile Development approach

We implement best practices in software development to provide high quality for your product

Latest technologies

Our team use latest day software technologies and frameworks to build your product as fast as possible

Certified specialists

Quality of the project – it is not the thing one should save on. Our quality is provided by certified specialists.

Full confidentiality of the project

We guarantee the safety of your idea.


Mobile Apps

from 7k $


from 10k $

Security systems

from 15k $

Anything else?

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